Thursday, December 17, 2009


hello blog.

i've got new books and i hope i can read it all, i borrowed it in Ittihadun Nisa Library, Ate Juvy told that if i returned it she will put me on test all the questions from the book i borrowed (hehehe), i borrowed 5 Books from my Organization Library and 3 Books from my School Library, but unfortunately i haven't done reading even a single book, it was a wrong timing borrowing, ITS EXAM! i need to prioritized which books i must read first the borrowed books or the School Books, inshallah after examination i will find time reading those.


Encoding the Details of new books

I am Muslima! hehehe

Monday, December 14, 2009


well i'm really bored and i dont know what else to do aside from reading and surfing the net, so i decided to open my blog and post this following...

I posted a weeks ago about our eid adha activity but i didnt give more details to it so here it goes.

the Eid was a good day, it didnt rain alhamdulillah so it means all the activity on the Eid day must be implemented.

first on the list is the 6 cows for the needy community of Bagua I,II and III. the ACT Malaysia gave 6 Cows for the said Community these are some of the photos taken:

The Six Cows (Medium Size)



while busy in the City the other ACT team went to Shariff Aguak to Slaughter 3 Cows, these are the photos:

Huge Cow

Huge Cow Rest in Peace

Looks like he got his share

after eid adha, here comes the AYYAMUTTASHRIQ, its a three day holiday so three days activity left, we are now headed to the Evacuation Centers.

Makir Evacuation Center, we gave 5 cows in this evacuation center....

Bismillah Allahu Akbar

this cow is big

Let the young generation see!

Favorite part, slicing... Jokes starts here!

at first we decided to distribute in this area but we have a big problem, we cant control the people so the team decided to put the meat in the back of this car and secured it.

Distribution time, each beneficiary were given claiming stub a day before this.

these people doesnt have claiming stub so we put them in last priority.

checking his meat... hehehe

Dapiawan Evacuation Center, same in Makir, we also slaughter 5 cows in this area, most of the evacuees here came from Datu Unsay Ampatuan, Maguindanao.


Bismillah Allahu Akbar..

Here they comes

their Houses

Looks like the head needs a ride

Evacuation Near us... we did a house to house distribution with my brother.

ACT live!

My brother giving Meat

she said: Shukran

she's happy, see?

this is a HOUSE

huge thanks to the sponsors, to the members, volunteers and most especially to ALLAH the almighty for giving us the chance to serve the humanity. ACT Malaysia and Mindanao Cares for Humanity.

i'm wearing black hijab in red shirt