Friday, April 29, 2011

like it

alhamdulillah the 2nd examination for this semester just ended up today, i feel so tired and i feel my brain stop functioning, why is it so hard? other prof. really makes me crazy, they're taking questions from those topic that you are not confident with, from the topic that you wont think that he will give, but still even though they gave the hardest exam like my prof in Ulumul Hadeeth, and my Ilm Nahu Prof. i hope i passed.
still confident that inshallah i will get high marks on final which will be on the 12th of June till 20th, even not that high the important is i will pass, and i can continue my studies.
i will start to study early so that i can reach my aim to have a good marks, i love my subjects especially Hadi annabawi coz its so open for everything and it gives so you new learnings and and it straighten your faith and it makes everything clear to you.
inshallah i will search for the book the real book of our subject, i really wanna have a copy of it and i wanna read it so much. I know my self like im not a good reader but with this subject its like i dont wanna stop reading it and last time i read it i didn't notice the time, i haven't slept because of it because of the new things and ideas thats on it. I hoped we the moro students will do excellent on the finals.
may allah help us.. ameen