Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Khutba From the Blessed Prophet Muhammad About Ramadan

It was narrated by Salman al Farsi that the Messenger of Allah (SwT) delivered this sermon on the last day of the month of Sha'ban. The Prophet (pbuh) said,

"All you people! A great and blessed month has arrived for you. A month with a night that is better than a thousand months. Fasting during this month is a duty, and extra prayers during its nights are voluntary. Anyone who comes closer to Allah (SwT) through a good deed during this month is as if he performed an obligation in another month. It is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Paradise."

"It is the month to visit the poor, the sick and the needy to share their sorrows. It is the month where the food, sustenance and the earnings of a believing Muslim increases and they are blessed. Anyone who invites others to break their fast at dusk will have his sins forgiven and will be saved from Hell. He will receive a reward equal to the fasting person without reducing his own rewards at all."

"Allah (SwT) will reward you even if you help the Muslim to break his fast with a date, a sip of water or milk…it is a month whose beginning is mercy, its middle is forgiveness and its last part is freedom from Hell. ……Increase in yourselves fours things: Two with which you can please your Lord, and two others which you can't live without. The first two things that will please Allah (SwT) are to declare that there is no God but Allah (SwT) and then to ask Allah's forgiveness… The other two which you can't live without are: to ask Allah (SwT) for Paradise and to ask His protection from Hell. Anyone who gives water to a Muslim at fast-breaking time, Allah (SwT) will give him water during the Day of Judgment from the fountain of Muhammad (pbuh), which will quench his thirst until he enters Paradise."


When i bought my prepaid internet connection gadget i cannot longer sleep for 8 hours. before, i'd sleep from 9pm to 5am but now i only sleep for 5 hours, it is because of my Skype account "hehehe". I have a YM account but I only use it when i'm buying my gadget a load, but with Skype even without load you can chat and call to your friends, I must say that YM is better than Skype in terms of chatting and calling but for me Skype is the Best coz its FREE... Hahaha. I gained lots of Friends in Skype, these are the list of some of my Friends:

1. Omar Zaid: He's 24 years old from Algeria, English Teacher from sidi Omar School "if i get the spelling right", he's a middle child, he's the only man among his siblings he's inlove right now "hehehe", he's a follower of my blog and he also got a blog, visit him at

2. LOLO: She's 16 years old from Gaza, palestine, she's very cheerful, she even teach me how to cook tabola, she's my Skype sister and she's my Grandfather coz in filipino language LOLO means GrandFather while in Arabic it means Pearl, her name was from her grandmother's name.

3. Shuaib: he's a Pakistani who's studying in Philippines, at first you'll get angry with him coz he's a debater man, he's staying with his cousin at Manila.

4. Abdulwahid: From pakistan also turning 23 this coming 29 of August, he's a Physics Student in Pakistan, he's always shy to show his face, he looks like Ben Laden hehehe BEWARE!

5. Nawal: she's from Saudi Arabia a 23 year old, i met her when she commented in my blog and she added me on her Skype, she's a Islam Rules Strict.

6.Chiraz: From Algeria, She's always on Bad signal, but we still talk and she's Omar's LOVE.. Hahaha.

7. Akhiey: from Malaysia I forgot his real name, he got blog too visit him at

these are my Friends online, the reason for my 5 hours sleep.. HUHUHU


Monday, August 17, 2009


Terima kasih, thats all i can say to the people of Malaysia for their support and help for the Orphans here in Mindanao, last friday 14th of this Month we conducted an Aqiqah for the orphans, the aqiqah sent by the Jamaah Islah Malaysia JIM to Ittihadun Nisa, Foundation, Incorporated INFo. we gave the aqiqah to the two Orphanages: Dar al muhsineen and Markaz tahfeedhil qur'an as the recipient of this activity, alhamdulillah 120 orphans and ashbal were happy that day for the food that we brought. inshallah this coming Ramadhan we will have a RAMADHAN ACTIVITY for the Orphans and Widows and Evacuees of War and Calamities.... it will be a BUSY day for me but its Ok as long u will give me your happy faces those tiredness will dissapear inshallah..

lets pray to Allah that we will be HAPPY this coming RAMADHAN... HAPPY RAMADHAN TO ALL.


Kurais Abdullah Karim, TESL, FPP, UPM

Congratulations.. Mabrook… alhamdulillah myapasad nengka den su Masters Degree nengka, inshallah na masolve den I mga problem sa School para maka proceed ka den sa Doctorate Degree.
I know its not easy studying and Mother as the same time pero nagaga nengka bun, we are so happy and proud of you, we are all hoping na mamakapagilaya tanu bun langon makumpleto tanu bun, best of Luck and take care always..


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Graduation Ceremony

August 9, 2009 the 53rd Commencement Exercise of my Grandfather’s School the Nahda Central Academy formerly known as the Madrasatun Nahdatil Islamia, I made this video to let you see the said Graduation, its not a huge school but in Cotabato City this is One of the Oldest and Standard School that teaches Arabic and English at the same time. Inshallah next School Year I’ll continue my study here and hopefully I can finish it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rest time!

After a Long travel its time to eat.. hahaha


last July ACT Malaysia gave funds for the Orphans in Mindanao, alhamdulillah I was obliged to delivered it at the Chosen Orphanage Centers.

The Supplies were: Cangoods, Noodles, Toiletries, Rice and Milo Chocolate Powder.
Thank You ACT malaysia... Terima Kasih!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Corazon Aquino Biography

in full Maria Corazon Aquino, née Cojuangco

Corazon Cojuangco was born into a wealthy, politically prominent family based in Tarlac province, north of Manila. She graduated from Mount St. Vincent College in New York City in 1954 but abandoned further studies in 1955 to marry Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr., who was then a promising young politician. Corazon remained in the background during her husband's subsequent career, rearing their five children at home. Her husband, who had become a prominent opposition politician, was jailed by Marcos for eight years (1972–80), and Corazon accompanied him into exile in the United States in 1980. Benigno was assassinated upon his return to the Philippines in August 1983. This event galvanized opposition to the Marcos government.

When Ferdinand E. Marcos unexpectedly called for presidential elections in February 1986, Corazon Aquino became the unified opposition's presidential candidate. Though she was officially reported to have lost the election to Marcos, Aquino and her supporters challenged the results, charging widespread voting fraud. High officials in the Philippine military soon publicly renounced Marcos' continued rule and proclaimed Aquino the Philippines' rightful president. On Feb. 25, 1986, both Aquino and Marcos were inaugurated as president by their respective supporters, but that same day Marcos fled the country.

In March 1986 Aquino proclaimed a provisional constitution and soon thereafter appointed a commission to write a new constitution. The resulting document, which restored the bicameral Congress abolished by Marcos in 1973, was ratified by a landslide popular vote in February 1987. Aquino held elections to the new Congress and broke up the monopolies held by Marcos' allies over the economy, which experienced steady growth for several years. But she failed to undertake fundamental economic or social reforms, and her popularity steadily declined as she faced continual outcries over economic injustice and political corruption. These problems were exacerbated by persistent warfare between the communist insurgency and a military whose loyalties to Aquino were uncertain. In general, her economic policies were criticized for being mixed or faltering in the face of mass poverty. Aquino was succeeded in office by her former defense secretary, Fidel Ramos.

Monday, August 3, 2009



Take care hanan,inshallah u will be a good wife and a mother, hope we can still hang-out sometime...

Hanan and I, during the INFo Assembly

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