Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Alhamdulillah, the first week of the class wasn’t that bad, I I’m registered to Department f Usuluddin Major in Usuliddin, my class starts at 9am till 2pm, it’s a 3 times a week class with 4 subjects.
My first day was a bit nervous cause I know it will be difficult for me to understand the Arabic Lectures specially those doctors who uses the “Amia” language.
I woke up on the first day of school at around 8am, I took a bath and light breakfast then I’m headed to University, the only girl I know in the university is Zainab, and Alhamdulillah she arrived earlier than me, we both searched for the room for our first class which is “Ulumul Qur’an”, the Doctor arrived a bit late but thank God he’s nice especially to us non-arab, he began to call our names and when my name called he said Maslama, I raised my hand and said Muslima and he smiled and said Ok Muslima. He gave us the name of the books which we need to study and also the reference books, I’m thankful because he speaks Fus-ha even though I couldn’t understand it all but most of it is loud and clear.
After the first subject we were headed to Tilawa class, but the Doctor didn’t arrived so we went to Cafeteria and ate some snacks, after the second class we have an hour rest so after Cafeteria we sat on the waiting chairs and that’s the time we met new friends, the first girl we met was Mishkat, she’s from South Africa who speaks fluent English and the best thing about her is she’s so funny, then we met Umm Rumman, Wa’d and Tamara, all of them are taking Sharia wal Qanun, but we have same subjects, like Mishkat, we can be classmates in 2 subjects (Sira an-Nabawiyya and Madkhal ila al-fiqh al-Islamie), Wa’d (Ulumul Quran and Madkhal ila al-fiqh al-Islamie) and last Tamara (Madkhal ila al-fiqh al-Islamie).
Today was the second day of class, and the teachers were complete, I met my Tilawa teacher and oh my God! She’s so pretty… she speaks in Mix Amia and Fus-ha, and the other teacher also came but he doesn’t speak Fus-ha, so I need to read very carefully the book cause that is the only thing I have to do to understand the subject he’s teaching.
But all in all I feel very happy that my first week wasn’t that Bad… Alhamdulillah!

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