Sunday, February 20, 2011



just got home from University, I have a very bad headache today, its started in my last lecture, I haven't ate breakfast nor snacks i feel dizzy till now, but after this post I will take a short nap and then study the earlier lectures, I must not waste any time doing nothing, I need to study more because i am taking 6 subjects 18 units, unlike last semester I only have 4 subjects 10 units, its like I need to double what I did last semester.

all my doctors came today, inshallah i will do good this semester, the only thing i am not ease on is the last subject which is obligatory for me to take even i am not a Jordanian Citizen, I need to take the "Tarbiya Wataniyya" which is a study of Jordan and everything in it.

headache will soon be gone inshallah.

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