Monday, March 31, 2014

Alive and Kickin'

Assalamu Alaykum,
It's been a long time again for my new post, there are so much t say but i dont know how to say it or even how to express it so im just free styling and type everything i can remember.

I only read it a few days ago this is my University Logo and it says الحق من ربكم (the truth is from your God)
Im I still studying? oh yeah! and guess what? im on my final yeat!! awesome right? i thought i will surrender and not finishing what i started but alhamdulillah just a little patience and a hard work I'm almost there.
Graduation is on the air but ofcourse I'm not here in Jordan on my Graduation day, after the Final exams gonna wait for my college documents and as soon as i have it will fly to my beloved country again, I think most of us which is not Arab who's studying abroad really doesn't care of graduatio march we only need our documents and fly. but some really cares for it coz some will go home or then return for the graduation day and some are were love to wait for few months only for graduation day. as for me and my hubby NEVER! we will go home as soon as we have the papers.
just yesterday we saw this post in the bulletin that the schedule of photoshoot for graduation is On! yes its on so you can feel so much emotions like you can now feel that you are graduating and you finished the four long year college life and also you will feel the emotion of loneliness WHY? because of the friendship you have with others specially with your close friends who's also non arabs and only here for their studies, you will feel that after that happiness and moments you shared together you will realized that it will come to an end, not end like you will not communicate with each other but the life as a college student that you always do together and shared together, I'm not an emotional person and I'm not loving how some people of Jordan sees me and other foreign students but I know and I can feel right now that I will be emotional and a lot of Crying when it is the time to leave this country.

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